Moscow City Symphony
Russian Philharmonic
ГБУК г. Москвы «Симфонический оркестр Москвы «Русская филармония»

Russian Fairy Tales

“Fairy tale in Russian music” is a unique project of the Moscow City Symphony - Russian Philharmonic aimed at giving children access to symphonic music and broadening their outlook. Children will be impressed by visual and emotional effect of the pageant. It is the first musical performance for children with unusual lighting effects.

The project consists of three son et lumière performances based on the world known magic plots, famous all over the world (such as “The fairy tale about tsar Saltan”, “The magic humpbacked horse”, and “The Golden Сockerel”. They’ve been successfully performed on the stage of Moscow International House of Music during two seasons.

The narrator and the main chatacters (soloists of well-known Russian opera theatres) take part in the performances. The original artistic idea of combining classical music art and up-to-date technologies of the 21st century is for the first time embodied in this project. The innovation technique such as dynamic slide projection is used in the project. This technique doesn’t have any analogs in modern art. It found an application practically in all spheres of modern massive events. The technique allows projecting an image of fantastic brightness, colour saturation and reality practically on any surfaces – both on a small screen or a wall indoors and on huge buildings and complicated architectural ensembles. That’s why this technique differs greatly from ordinary video-projections or laser shows. The newest lighting equipment allows children to be totally absorbed in the world of fairy tales, helps to develop imagination and to feel real participants of magic performance.

Interesting programs of musical fairy tales are accessible for children of different age. As is generally known, fairy tales are part and parcel of childhood. They teach children not to be indifferent, provoke thinking, develop emotional inner world, cultivate in children humanity, and form their way of behavior and ethics. Tales also shape consideration for people, animals, plants and the world around us. The victory of good over evil develops the aspiration for the better. Fairy tales teach wisdom. Faerie fancies develop in children the feeling for the beautiful. Nowadays a fairy tale, as well as other values of traditional culture including classical music) unfortunately loses its lofty destination. That’s why the project “Fairy tale in Russian music” is directed at reviving the role of a tale in upbringing, formation of spiritual and moral world of a child. As is known, positive impressions gained in childhood are unforgettable for life.