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Gayane Shiladzhyan: Russian Philharmonic is fashionable

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Wednesday, 27 September, 2017

The Symphony Orchestra "Russian Philharmonic" continues to amaze the audience with unusual projects. In the new season, spectators are waiting for surprises, including dance, rock and pop programs, an infernal concert dedicated to the day of all saints and even musical relaxation.

Gayane Shilajyan, Director, General Producer of the Russian Philharmonic Society, spoke about some features of the symphony orchestra's work in modern society.

- Gayane, the symphony orchestra "Russian Philharmonic" for its history has organized and performed more than 2,000 concerts. Do you pay enough attention to your creativity in the media? How often can you be heard on the radio, seen on television?

- Attention from the media could be more. The problem of all symphony orchestras is the coverage of their events. But, as the prices for tickets are modest, we are not in a position to order a massive advertisement.

- What, in your opinion, is the most important tool in promoting the work of the symphony orchestra?

- When you turn on the TV, click on the channels, you see that our country either dances or sings. But, in order to dance and sing well, you need to perform two hard labor, which are serious studies in music and dancing.

If we touch on academic art, I think that a maximum of 5% of Moscow's population is really interested in classics. Academic art has never been massive, it was elitist. We do not have football.

However, we are engaged in the promotion of live sound, live concerts, creating programs aimed at a broad audience. I am sure that we will get a very competent and educated public.

We are pushing the boundaries of the symphony orchestra, showing at their concerts the golden hits of rock. We cooperate with rock bands, such as Bi-2. Last year, the "Russian Philharmonic" closed the festival "Invasion".

Our task is to show that there is nothing terrible in the word "philharmonic", "symphony orchestra", and attract young people to concert halls. We want to achieve that going to concerts has become as fashionable as in clubs.

Today they will come to cover-concerts, concerts with famous rock artists, and tomorrow - to "Masterpieces by Sergei Rachmaninov." Once, at one of our classical concerts, a woman approached me, who confessed that she had heard for the first time a symphony orchestra at the concert of Jan Gillan. It was an assessment of our work.

- Your fans have time and again made sure that the "Russian Philharmonic" not only brilliantly performs the masterpieces of masterpieces of symphonic music, but boldly goes to musical experiments. What surprises in the new season?

- On October 22, the State Kremlin Palace will host our special project for the 45th anniversary of the creation of the ABVA group. We prepared this concert with wonderful Swedish performers. Charlotte Pirelli, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1999, arrives in Moscow for the first time.

The concert will begin with the song "Waterloo", which brought the band "ABVA" a victory at Eurovision. The first section will also feature the most remarkable hits of "ABBA". In the second section, the audience will hear the songs "QUEEN".

The whole composition of the project - Swedish rock singers, conductor Ulf Vandenbrandt, which is widely known in Moscow and Russia. In addition to working for the Russian Philharmonic, he works closely with the rock band Aria.

In addition to the bearers of this culture, it is difficult to imagine those who could just as brilliantly perform the songs of these legendary groups. Although there are many different cover versions. As the creator of these projects, I get a little jarred when they begin to compare their performance with the original. Yes, ABBA is not, QUEEN is not.

Do not compare, just listen and enjoy! Do not forget those great works on which we grew up, with which these or those emotions are connected. This is a kind of classic rock, a classic of pop music. Therefore, I do not want anyone to draw an analogy with the first performers.

March 25 will be the official double Michael Jackson. Mr. Navi will come with a special program with his band, with his ballet. This will be a joint project of the "Russian Philharmonic" and Navi.

We prepare a lot of surprises and gifts for the New Year. This and "Christmas gala" and "New Year with the stars."

"A lot of people want to come back to your program" Insane dances "again. According to last year's rating, this project was included in the top ten concert performances. And now, on October 15, you are again ready to please the public of the State Kremlin Palace. Did you bring something new to the concert this time?

- The winners of the project "Dancing with the Stars", Inna Svechnikova and Nikolai Pantyukhin, who will perform Latin American tango, take part in "Mad Dances". Moscow Variety Theater will show kan-kan in all traditions.

Well, of course, our beautiful stage orchestra will be the main character in this project!

- The main conductor of the "Russian Philharmonic" Dmitry Yurovsky is very fond of tango. Surely he prepared a surprise for the public?

- Yes, I have prepared it. Dmitry wrote a piece of music "If Mozart ordered a tango."

Also specially for "Insane dances" we ordered a potpourri in which there are sirtaki, seven forty, Romanian dance ... But, it's still a secret!

Svetlana Melnikova

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