Moscow City Symphony
Russian Philharmonic
ГБУК г. Москвы «Симфонический оркестр Москвы «Русская филармония»

Opening of the Season

Date and time: 
Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 19:00
Moscow International House of Music. Svetlanov Hall
L. van Beethoven. Symphony № 9
Johannes Klumpp (Germany)
Romelia Lichtenstein, soprano (Germany)
Britta Schwarz, mezzo-soprano (Germany)
Andreas Glaesmer, tenor (Germany)
Marek Kalbus, bass (Germany)
Yurlov State Academic Choir Chapel of Russia

The Ninth Symphony is the greatest composition by Beethoven which finalizes his twenty five-year symphonic way. It became a part of world culture history as one of the most significant creations which express humanistic freedom-loving ideals of humanity. Only symphony orchestra was not enough for Beethoven to realize his grandiose idea – he wanted to sing brotherhood of millions, brotherhood of all people of the world united by common burst of joy and freedom, that’s why he included chorus and soloists singing “Ode to Joy” by Schiller.

“Which conquest is equal to this one, which Bonaparte’s battle, which Austerlitz sun achieves glory of this superhuman effort, this victory, the most brilliant of ones gained by human spirit? – Romain Rolland wrote. – Poor creature, sick, lonely, embodied suffering whom the world denies joy, creates joy himself to give it to the world! He forges it from his sorrow as he expressed it in a proud phrase, finalizing his life and being the motto of each heroic soul: Through suffering to joy”.