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C. Orff. Carmina Burana

Date and time: 
Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 19:00
Moscow International House of Music. Svetlanov Hall
Stage design with large-scale dynamic slide and video projections
Sergey Tararin
Honoured Artist of Russia Elvira Hokhlova, soprano
Alexander Bogdanov, tenor
Honoured Artist of Russia Andrey Baturkin, baritone
Choir of “Novaya Opera” Moscow Theatre named after E. Kolobov
Children’s Choir of the State Academic Bolshoy Theatre

Carmina Burana is absolute masterpiece of the XX century and the most famous composition by Carl Orff. It is really magic music which captivates by its vivid imagery, amazing rhythm element, mix of slight irony and tender lyricism, epic magnitude, munificence of colours.

Songs of Beuern (it’s the translation of Carmina Burana) are the monument to secular art of the Renaissance. A manuscript which interested Carl Orff was formed in the XIII century and was found at Bavarian monastery at the beginning of the XIX century. Basically, these are songs of strolling players, students, monks, minnesingers. Some songs in the manuscript are devoted to piety. Most of them are love songs, songs of mockery, drinking songs, written in several languages: in vulgar (not literary) Latin, Old French, Old Bavarian. Plotline of cantata is vague and associative. Song and orchestra parts represent contrast scenes from diverse and miscellaneous life. One sing of the sweets of life, happiness, unrestrained fun, beauty of nature in spring, passionate love; other – hard life of monks and vagrant students. But the basic philosophical core is contemplation about changeful and puissant human destiny – Fortune.

Carmina Burana is stage cantata. The full title of Carmina Burana in Latin is: Cantiones profanae cantoribus et choris cantandae comitantibus instrumentis atque imaginibus magicis, which means “Songs of Beuern”: Secular songs for singers and choirs with instruments and magic images. The composer characterized the composition as victory of human spirit through balance of carnal and universal. Following original conception of the author Moscow City Symphony Orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”  and “360 Project” Company tried to reunite musical canvas of cantata with visual images of the epoch using paintings by Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raphael Santi, Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Lucas Cranach, and Albrecht Durer.

Acuteness of inimitable pictures and bright expression of images created by these outstanding painters are to expand, support and enhance emotional perception and spatiotemporal amplitude of cantata Carmina Burana.


«360 PROJECT» Company

«360 PROJECT» Company is widely known in professional community both in Russia and abroad. The main direction of its activity is organizing and holding of cultural-mass events and creating audiovisual lighting show programs with slide and video projection techniques of large-size PiGi/ETC Audiovisuel и Christie/Christie Digital Systems.

«360 PROJECT» means hundreds of successful projects, including tours of Horse Theatre Zingaro and Theatre Cirque ici (France) within VII International A. Chekov Theatre Festival, Cantata Carmina Burana in MIHM, International Military Festival “Kremlin Reveille” at the Red Square; opening of Theatre Festival “Territory”; stage performance “Mysterion”; Festival of Light, show “Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales” (Lyon, France); Jean-Michel Jarre’s show «OXYGEN IN MOSCOW» coincided with 850th anniversary of Moscow celebration and which marked the beginning of cultural events in city scale, etc.

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