Moscow City Symphony
Russian Philharmonic
ГБУК г. Москвы «Симфонический оркестр Москвы «Русская филармония»


Date and time: 
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 19:00
Moscow International House of Music. Svetlanov Hall
J.S. Bach. Toccata and fugue in D Minor, arrangement by L. Stokovsky
J.S. Bach. Concerto for violin and orchestra in E Major
J.S. Bach. Concerto for piano and orchestra in D Minor
A. Vivaldi. The Four Seasons
Sergey Tararin
Gaik Kazazian, violin
Cao Peng, piano (China)
Rodion Petrov, violin

Nowadays music by Bach is no less in demand than in the last two centuries. At the 21st century Bach’s music is modern more than ever. Nothing could shake love of humanity to Bach. The most well-known instrumental concertos by Bach will be executed at the concert and famous Toccata and fugue in D Minor originally composed for organ, will be played by full symphony orchestra.

The Four Seasons by Vivaldi is one of the most popular compositions at all times. In 1725 one of the most famous composer’s opuses entitled “The Contest between Harmony and Invention” (op.8). First 4 concertos of this set are entitled by the author, respectively, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn”, and “Winter”. Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice on March 4, 1678. The first Vivaldi’s tutor was his father, violinist at St. Mark’s Cathedral. In 1703 Vivaldi took holy orders and in September, 1703 he started to work as a tutor at the orphanage called the Pio Ospedale delia Pieta which was known as the best music school for girls. In Venice he was responsible for music composing, and he created it very easily and quickly. In 1718-20 he lived in Mantua where he wrote operas for carnivals’ season and instrumental compositions for Mantuan Duke’s court. In 1740 Vivaldi departed from Venice to Vienna where he died on July 28, 1741. Soon after his death the name of the master was forgotten. Only after 200 years, in 1920-s of the XX century Italian music expert A. Gentili found unique collection of composer’s manuscripts (300 concertos, 19 operas, sacred and secular vocal compositions). Since then genuine renaissance of former glory of Vivaldi begins.

Gaik Kazazian – laureate and winner of many international competitions such as the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow (2002), the Wieniawsky Competition in Poznan (2001), the Marguerite Long and Jacques Thibaud Competition in Paris (2005), the Paganini Competition in Moscow (2005). He received Gold medal and Audience Choice Award at the Violinists’ Competition in Switzerland (2004) ; Gold medal and Audience Choice Award at the Violinists’ Competition in Tonkyong (South Korea, 2007).

Rodion Petrov – prize  winner of the International Competition “Valsesia Musica” (Italy, 2005, I Prize), the Fourth Moscow International Paganini Competition (2005, II Prize), the International Competition named after Rodolfo Lipizer (Italy, 2006, II Prize and five special prizes), the International Paganini Competition (Italy, Genoa, 2007, II Prize)